Mache Rock

Constructing a fake stone has always seemed like taking the easy way out. When faced with the prospect of an unruly art student heaving a large boulder into their institution, it is natural that most technicians should try to dissuade me. This only adds to the attraction.

While a fake stone has none of the gravity, it does present an opportunity for surface construction and opens up new possibilities for performance. This stone is an amalgamation of surface rubbings taken from a landscape I am very familiar with- and therefore represents a composite copy of the rocks I have encountered within this landscape.


6. Mass (video still)


While at Hospitalfield I have done a series of performances with this stone. Outside, in the studio, in the garden. All of these have turned out to be unsatisfactory. The object I have made does not know what it is. I don’t know what it is. For this reason I am at a loss as to how I should proceed.

In conjunction with my body, the stone only demonstrates that it is not heavy. When used in the garden the stone appears too obviously man-made. 

Performing with the stone at DCA as part of (Echo), it was immediately absorbed by Heather Philipson’s installation as though it were one of her own. Suddenly my own body was out of place among the work of another artist. 


Looking at Phillipson’s work I would be inclined to say that the rock I have made is useless unless it is housed among its own kind, in a whole environment of fake surfaces and mass-less objects. For this reason I have chosen to let the rock alone for the time being and return to working with materials on their own terms while I try to work out the problem that this fake rock has made.


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