‘mountains are in the process of differentiating themselves from the ground’

                                                                                                                            Tim Ingold 19/6/14

While dwelling upon this idea I had a vision of a piece of earth that is lifted out of the ground and into the air upon the soles of a person’s feet.

a small inversion of the world

crossing the boundary between earth and sky

a construct of separation

maintained through exertion.


I resolved to try out this idea while at Hospitlalfield.

Following many days of training exercises and a gradual refining of technique on the field I finally managed to lift a piece of turf into the air without falling over and winding myself. I now have hours of footage of frustration caused by failed attempts at this exercise.

What was a concise concept at the diagrammatic drawing stage has become a messy process as a performance piece.

I’m struggling to set the film work free of its original concept and to work out what kind of new thing I have made.




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